TDC Competition

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Welcome to Trenders World

Trendercoin is a  zero fee and instant transaction blockchain that will foster distribution platforms with micropayment using user friendly and readable wallets. Starting with content distribution, we have an MVP called trender.Me , this will be a major driver of our focus group.

Our focus is on millennials adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions as part of their daily lives. We are creating a blockchain with distribution solution from our partners for fun things like content distribution, events to solving serious issues like power distribution platform to sell green and cheaper electricity.


We are celebrating the soft launch of in preparation for press releases on major crypto outlets and listing of trendercoin (TDC)  on more cryptocurrency exchanges in Q3 2018. We have committed a total of 10,000,000TDC to give away to our fans worldwide.

HODLers will be ranked based on their increase in TDC holdings over the course of the competition period. (TDC held at 2018/07/25 0:00 AM minus TDC held at 2018/07/11 0:00 AM UTC)

Competition period: 2018/07/11 00:00 AM to 2018/07/25 00:00 AM (UTC).

Rewards will be allocated in the following tiers:

Tier A: 6,000,000 TDC to be won!

  • 1st: receive 2,000,000 TDC
  • 2nd: receive 1,000,000 TDC
  • 3rd: receive 500,000 TDC
  • 4th-20th: evenly split a pool of 2,500,000 TDC

Tier B: 4,000,000 TDC to be won!

A pool of 4,000,000 TDC will be evenly split between each account with an increase of 100,000 TDC or more during  the competition period.



  • To be eligible for this competition, trendercoin balance must be withdrawn from IDEX to personal wallets within the competition period.
  • Winners of the TDC Competition are exempt from participating in the Tier B.
  • Only withdrawal made to personal wallets from IDEX will be eligible for the competition. Splitting of TDC among wallets will be deemed “wash HODL” and will not count.
  • Rewards will be issued within 2 weeks after the competition.
  • As part of our project development effort, we will be buying back TDC once the price is stable at 0.00004.

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