Fundraising Re-Invented.

Trender.Me is a peer-to-peer online fundraising platorm available worldwide which means donation you receive is paid directly to you. We offer our members a competitive platform to raise fund and network at our milestone fun events and seminars because we understand that "Your Network is Your Networth".

Does a simple person-to-person crowdfunding platform seem as a utopia? Are you looking for a funding solution where absolutely 100% of the fund you raised is paid to you? Is Everything You Ever Wanted.

Imagine a platform where you can directly fund your favorite project without dealing with administrators! No stop imagining! is here to put the fun back in funding! Our business approach can be perfectly described by our motto: Fun. Freedom. Fortune!

Skyrocket Your Innovative Ideas.

Now you can become a part of our unique network of fun, innovative and successful ideas! You can generate income through direct subscriptions and avoid all the hassle of dealing with administrators. Funds can be transferred from one user to another in seconds! Why not offer yourself the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur?

Join The Funding Revolution Today!

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